staffing Who We Help New Strategy 300x213The below descriptions are a summary of our typical client types.  We have worked with both for-profit and non-profit organizations. These organizations have varied in size from two employees to over a thousand.  All RFT Staffing client relationships are unique, just as your business is.  If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for please call us and let’s see what we can do.

Smaller or Start Up Businesses

Almost 60% of businesses in Michigan have fewer than 4 employees.  These businesses are often overlooked as being too small to be serviced by the recruiting industry. RFT Staffing designed the Recruiting Resource Program with these businesses in mind.  We wanted these business owners to have access to professional recruiting help without the financial burden typically associated with the recruiting industry.

Small business owners often don’t know who to ask for help or the best ways to proceed when the time comes to hire their next employee.  Additionally, the help they do get tends to be oversimplified.  Combine the cash flow concerns of a small business owner with the issue that job duties and responsibilities are typically not well defined in a small business, and you can get one heck of a stress headache.  Small business owners are doing the work of multiple people.  As their business grows, they can’t keep doing it all.  So, who do they hire?  What tasks do they assign to someone else to free them up to continue to grow their business?  Can the business support that additional payroll?  The team at RFT Staffing understands these issues.  We can help by talking through what the market will support for your position, appropriately combining responsibilities to create a solid job description, and how to interview for growth.


Mid-Level Businesses

For the sake of our message, we are going to define a Mid-Level business as a business that is no longer in the startup phase and has seen some growth.  They have typically hired a few employees and have some systems in place for future growth.  These businesses are working to have defined roles in their organization and move away from the somewhat chaotic environment of the startup phase.

If you’re not large enough to have an established recruiting process, or only hire new employees on occasion, this program will give you access to professional recruiters who can help you navigate the process.


Larger or Established Businesses

RFT Search Group, a division of RFT Staffing, specializes in retained direct hire searches.  Many of RFT Search Group’s clients have taken advantage of this Recruiting Resource Program as a supplemental resource.  Not every position within a company will warrant a direct hire search, so this provides additional resources for those positions.  It will provide you with access to current recruiting information, insight into candidate expectations and how to position themselves to attract quality candidates, as well as an avenue to post all your open positions.  For some, this is a dollars and cents issue, for others, they may want to participate in this program to receive discounts on our other services.