Recruiting Resource Program

staffing What We Offer WorkForYou 300x169Business owners often have their hands in every aspect of their business.  Most times, the business owners have access to experts in various fields (CPA, attorney, payroll, insurance agent) yet there are few personalized resources specifically for recruiting for small business.  We are determined to change that and provide the assistance, guidance and expertise to help your business grow.


Candidate Sourcing

The RFT Staffing Candidate Sourcing program takes the initial sourcing and screening off your plate. We begin by getting to know you, your business, the details of the position and what you are ultimately looking for in a candidate.  We create a specialized Recruiting Campaign for the position to attract the right type of person for your position, based on individual talents/skill set, mission, vision and future growth potential.

This program includes a phone screen only, and if candidates meet all the criteria we forward their resume to you. Once you have their resume, you are welcome to contact them, or not. The process from there is your own internal interview, screening and hiring process.

You can save time and money and benefit from our expertise in the screening process, while still controlling your interview process.  As we have not met the candidates or conducted our internal behavioral interview with assessment, we do not provide any sort of guarantee.


Unlimited Job Postings on our Website

RFT Staffing is opening their job board for all members of the Recruiting Resource Program to share job postings for all positions within your company.  We can help you write your posting to attract the right type of candidate for your company if needed.  All resumes will be sent directly to you for your internal screening, interviewing and hiring process.


Unlimited Phone and Email Access for Business Owners to our team

Business owners often have questions regarding recruiting, hiring or even figuring out the if, what and who in hiring, and there are limited resources for those answers.  RFT Staffing is providing an avenue for you to have help in finding the right people for your team.  Our experience can help fill in the gaps including market rates, candidate expectations, help in preparing interview questions, discussing process for interviews and much more.


Invitation for Business Owner Forum

The RFT Staffing Business Owner Forum has been designed as a presentation on topics surrounding recruiting.  We have discussed a variety of topics including how to recruit with bad online reviews, different perks and bonuses to compete with big box compensation structures, how to separate the business owner from the business in the interviewing process (or if you should) and much more. These forums are held as an educational platform and attendees contribute highly during the discussion.


Discounted Services through RFT Search Group

Member participation will include a 10% discount on all services provided through our RFT Staffing sister group RFT Search Group.  These services include the robust Direct Hire, Candidate Sourcing and Second Stage Interviews.  Depending on how much growth you are projecting over the next year or so, it could make financial sense to become a member of the Recruiting Resource Program.