Q: We only hire a couple of times a year, would we really benefit from this program?
A: If you’re hiring all new positions at the rate of a few a year, and have little to no turnover in those positions, you’re doing great! If you are hiring to replace candidates who aren’t there any longer, then yes, this program could benefit you greatly!


Q: We are getting resumes of candidates who aren’t qualified for our positions? Can you help us figure out why and what to do about it?
A: Yes, we’ll take a look at how your position is described, realistic expectations for the position compared to the compensation offered, what would attract candidates, where you’re posting and much more.


Q: How will posting our position on your website help us? Do you have access to a special pool of candidates that we don’t?
A: The candidate pool is what the candidate pool is. How you present your company, your position, etc can make all the difference in attracting the right candidates for your company. Before we post the positions, we’ll help you write them. We’ll help you figure out how to present your company and the position accurately for candidates.


Q: Do Candidates pay to see the job postings?
A: No, the job board is part of our website. Anyone can see the posts.


Q: Will you charge me by the hour or by the question if I call you for help?
A: No. This program is designed for you to call or email as you need the help. There’s no time limit on the length of calls, or on how many times you contact us.


Q: Can I call you to vent about candidates I’m interviewing?
A: You can call to vent, but we’re going to then offer some suggestions on what to tweak or look for so the frustrations don’t continue!


Q: I’ve researched interview questions, but they don’t seem to get me what I need in the interview. Can you help with that?
A: Yes, we can help you create interview questions designed around your company and what you’re looking to accomplish with this new person. It can encompass much more than just the bullet points on the job description.


Q: Can you help me figure out what illegal interview questions are?
A: Absolutely. We’ll refer you to the EEOC guidelines regarding these questions and why you should avoid them. We will not help you find a way around asking them to get the information. It’s protected information for a reason!


Q: There are plenty of places online where I can search for my question, why would I need to call you?
A: You’re right, there are plenty of places to search and find a ‘textbook’ answer! No doubt about that. Our approach is to work directly with the small business owner; to understand your specific situation and help guide you through what steps you can do to resolve the situation. Getting to know your company personally will allow us to provide input based on your individual company, not a canned answer that only partially applies to the situation.


Q: I don’t know if my questions or issues are minor or stupid. Can you give some examples of what business owners have asked you about?
A: Of course! Some of the projects we have completed have been:
• Helping a company determine the right level of experience, specific title and compensation structure for a newly created HR position within the company.
• Rewrote job positions for a commercial construction related company. The postings were originally too harsh and restrictive, offering nothing that would garner a candidates’ interest.
• Helped a company that has plateaued in sales with rethinking how they were screening candidates for their sales position. We didn’t create a sales training program, or offer to be their sales coach, instead we focused on their current sales process and the actual behaviors needed to make that program successful.
• Owner doesn’t like to interview. Says he talks too much and it gets uncomfortable. Guided him through the interview process, providing specific questions to set the (lighter) tone for the interview, providing a more beneficial dialogue with the potential candidates.
• Answered questions regarding current state of the job seeker market and what the quality of candidates look like, market rates for specific positions, whether or not benefit packages are on par with competition and more.
• Provided phone screening for a company so they could help determine career paths for some internal individuals. They came to us specifically to preserve their current working relationship and use our expertise and knowledge to help build out those career paths internally.


Q: What are you going to need from me, and are you going to try to sell me more services?
A: We’re here to help you through the recruiting process. There are plenty of companies out there to help you through other things in your business, but very limited when it comes to recruiting, specifically. We’re available as you need us, as often or as little. The beauty is that as we get to know you and your business more intimately, we can offer additional suggestions as we learn more about you. You’ll never be pressured to buy any additional services. Not all programs work for all businesses and situations, so our goal is in helping you solve your recruiting dilemmas.


Q: What is your Business Owner Forum? Just a sales pitch?
A: Not a sales pitch, no. This is designed for business owners to come together to discuss all things related to recruiting, including topics like retention packages, interviewing for projected career path, what the market really looks like, legal side of background checks, latest employment rates and what they really mean to you, and much, much more. We often have an industry leader (depending on chosen topic for that meeting) attend and provide input from their perspective. It’s a round table format and attendees often participate as much as we do!


Q: What is the fee structure?
A: It’s $300 per month, charged on your credit card monthly. You can cancel the program at any time, no penalties (see contract for specific details). If you want to pay for one year up front, you can pay a discounted amount of $3000 by company check. It’s like having a full time recruiter on your team for only $300 per month!


Q: Do you keep my credit card on file?
A: No, we won’t even accept your credit card via email! We enter the information one time and then destroy it. It’s generated automatically through the processing system until it’s cancelled (in writing, again, see the contract).


Q: What would be the benefit of paying up front, besides just the discount?
A: If you would like to utilize the Candidate Sourcing option within the first six months of the agreement, you can do so by paying the annual rate up front. Aside from that, a $600 savings annually is pretty substantial!


Q: What if I don’t find value in your program?
A: If you don’t find value, then cancel the program. It’s that simple. We created this program to help privately held businesses through the recruiting process. If you find you don’t need our services, simply cancel the program.


Q: How do I sign up!?
A: Call or email us directly and we can provide the documentation to get started! 248-957-6598 or Jason@RFTStaffing.com.