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The Price of Halloween

According to this article on (, Americans will spend an estimated $5.8 billion on Halloween this year. The National Retail Federation indicates that people are going to spend about 18% more on Halloween this year than last, totaling about $66 per person. The break out is approximately $24 for a costume, $20 on candy [...]

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Are White Lies OK?

We were told Santa Claus existed. We were told the Easter Bunny existed. We were told our dog went to live on a ‘farm’ where he would be happier. And we believed them, unquestioningly, until we learned otherwise. We didn’t hold it against our parents for lying to us; we may have gotten upset, but [...]

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Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Several years ago I found myself in court dealing with a landlord who was, in my opinion, being completely unreasonable. I legally fulfilled my obligation to him legally however, he didn’t see it that way. He was insistent that I had caused him undue hardship and was breaking our contract. I certainly didn’t have an [...]

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Ford posts profits; Arts, Beats & Eats moves to Royal Oak and the Red Wings are again in the Stanley Cup Playoffs

So much is happening in Metro Detroit, it’s hard to keep up! 2010 has started out with a bang; I’ve barely had time to update the blog. The good news is things are happening and people are getting hired. Despite what you may hear in the news, companies are hiring. There have been days when [...]

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The Whale Said, “Thank You”.

Since it's getting close to the holidays, I wanted to forward this article. I'd love to credit the author, but I don't know who wrote it. The information can be verified, however, if you google the story. I think it's worth sharing. Enjoy. If you read a recent front page story of the SF Chronicle, [...]

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An Advocate for Change

Several years ago I found myself at the local Michworks office completing the paperwork to receive unemployment benefits. I handed my resume over to the gentleman working at the front desk and after scanning it he reiterated that I had just been laid off from a recruiting role. Um, duh, that’s why I’m here. He [...]

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‘If you won’t do something with your spouse/partner, they’ll find someone who will.’

Pretty simple statement, but also a very powerful one. In any relationship there has to be something, or a multiple of things that bring the two parties together. When this doesn’t happen often times one or both parties look elsewhere. Before we got to this point, however, we probably argued, yelled and screamed and went [...]

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A Year of Your life in Detroit

Time Magazine bought a house in Detroit and has moved in. One of their reporters committed to spending a year here in Detroit and writing about it for several high profile magazines. His efforts will be relayed in the form of blogs and articles ‘branded’ Assignment: Detroit. I think it’s great that someone from the [...]

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The Little Things

As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11 because his son started kindergarten.Another fellow was alive because it was his turn to bring donuts.One woman was late because her alarm clock didn’t go off in time.One was late because of being stuck on the JN Turnpike because of an auto accident.One of [...]

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Seven Tips to Effectively Recognize Employees

What's the number one reason that employees stay with an organization? Usually, it is simply because they enjoy working with their supervisors, according to numerous studies. Building good relationships between staff members and their bosses can pay off handsomely for your company. In fact, some experts estimate that the cost of replacing an employee ranges [...]

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